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Posted by Nick Propper on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 5:01 PM

Hello Westport!

My name is Nick Propper and I live in Westport with my family having moved here from the UK. Alongside my day job I'm a human performance coach, trained at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute in Orlando, and I work mostly with groups of corporate executives and employees on two main areas, building resilience and managing energy in the pursuit of a sustainable framework for maintaining high levels of performance over time. Resilience is such a crucial skill for everyone as they start to experience more pressure and stress in their lives whether at work, at home or other endeavors. I teach that resilience is actually an acquired skill, essentially a 'muscle' than can be built over time by oscillating effectively between stress and intentional recovery. I have a keynote that I deliver worldwide in the corporate world and I am now bringing that presentation to Westport so that our community can benefit from some of this incredible, research backed content.

Here's the breakdown of the keynote:



·      Understand current data on stress and its impact on energy and performance

·      Define resilience and the benefit of having greater levels of resilience

·      Learn how resilience can be trained through strategically leveraging stress as a growth opportunity



·      Learn about the current definitions of stress

·      Understand the impact of stress on each energy dimension

·      Learn about the three different types of stress: normal, training and excessive



·      Explore the science of recovery

·      Learn the definition of recovery

·      Apply the 3 principles of recovery to support improved resilience  

·      Understand the importance of rituals 


And here is the link to the event next Tuesday, 5th March 7-8.30pm. It's completely free of charge and no registration is required.


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