Westport Public Art Collections

Posted by Christie Stanger/WestPAC on Monday, May 15, 2017 at 4:04 PM

The Westport Public Art Collections is seeking volunteers to hang art in town schools and buildings. We are also looking for individuals interested in research, fundraising and the support of the educational uses of the collection.  You can volunteer by filling out this form:


The following information (and more!) can be found at 


WestPAC are a cultural asset of our town, with over 1,500 works of art 
in a broad range of media — paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints, illustrations, cartoons, photographs, sculptures and murals — by notable American artists, giants of the international art world and important artists who established their homes and studios in the Westport-Weston community.

The WestPAC Committee hangs original works of art throughout Westport's school and town buildings —hallways, libraries, classrooms, lobbies, offices and conference rooms — to create visually stimulating learning and work environments.

By observing art first-hand and every day, students, educators, staff and residents can pursue their own path of enjoyment and discovery.


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