Weigh in on Proposed Daybreak Development at P&Z Public Hearing

Posted by Bonnie Dubson on Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 12:03 AM

Anxious about increased traffic volume at Westport’s worst intersection? Or perhaps the proposed 12-residence development on roughly 2 acres concerns you for environmental reasons: erosion, soil contamination, wastewater runoff, the safety of our watershed?

Voice your concerns at the Planning and Zoning Commission’s public hearing on Thursday, Jan. 18 at 7:00 pm, Town Hall (110 Myrtle Ave.) Let the P&Z know that Westporters will not tolerate over-development which poses a threat to our public safety.

Whether you live nearby, or across town, the proposed development at the Daybreak Nurseries site WILL affect you. Roughly 41,400 vehicles navigate that intersection daily -- which means each of our 26,391 residents drive though there 1.6 times per day!

Less known is that the 500 Main Street site is part of the Aquifer Protection Zone. If the site is over-developed, our water supply could be compromised.

This is not a time to be apathetic, or sit on the sidelines. SHOW UP and be counted. Click here to view the Special Permit & Site Plan application which is listed under 500 Main Street, Appl. #17-052 on the P&Z page.


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Sarah Kennedy 1/16/18 @ 3:36pm

I have been to a few different town meetings and I am impressed that elected members in our town stay till almost midnight debating and deciding Westport's direction. I am surprised that so few town members attend these meetings to hear and participate in debates over the direction our town should go. We hear plenty of talk at gatherings about ugly structures around town . I can see why plans go into place if no one is there to question and oppose various proposals. I recently was at a planning and zoning meeting and found the dynamics interesting . The older members on the committee seemed to keep the look and feel of Westport in the front of their minds as they stated and questioned that the look of a Restaurant was not in keeping with the Look of Main Street in Westport. Main Street Westport seems to have been established as an area that should have charm and maintain the old Westport look. The newer members did not appear to have that same concern. They seemed to be more open to development of any kind, change and getting projects passed. It is probably very good for all of us to see just how elected officials do act in their positions, to see whether they are working for us and if by their performance we would elect them again. Decisions made by these committees are very important, they live with us into the future . They create Westport. We presently have a serious test being presented to our planning and zoning committee which needs participation and input from all Westport residents. The old daybreak greenhouse and buildings have been demolished and purchased by Able construction. This spot of land is tricky as it faces Westport's most dangerous intersection. The proposal before the P and Z is for multiple structures. If this proposal is passed there would be 5 two family dwellings and 2 single family homes on that old Daybreak lot. This would add at least 24 more cars to that death trap of an intersection. This intersection is intertwined with exit 42. Remember there is no exit 43 so lots of traffic departs the Merritt at exit 42. Exit 42 and it's surroundings is our first image of Westport. Here's an excerpt from Dan Woog's 06880 titled Weaving through Westport's worst intersection Oct. 12 2017 Despite traffic funneling from downtown, Cross Highway, the Coleytown area, Weston and the Merritt Parkway — and headed out in all those directions — the confusing, chaotic and dangerous area remains a transportation Wild West. Quite a welcome to Westport, for those coming off the Merritt. Quite a potential death trap, for all of us. Connecticut is in trouble and has no money and can not afford to make this intersection safer. They can not put in a round about nor can the town afford a traffic light. All of this has been mentioned but until Ct turns around it's dire circumstances no improvements will be made. Our state's future prediction is grim.There are times when as difficult as it may be people need to make wise decisions. When planning and zoning hear the town can not afford a traffic light and The state will not and can not help ,then the decision to add more complexity to this situation should be simply ,a No! I heard one of these new p and z members inferring he was for these twelve units because he questioned what the next proposal for that property might be. I think that the planning and zoning might need reminding that they represent the people and that if a proposal is going to add to an already unsafe area they need to not pass the proposal. I say to this young new member who is worried about what will come next that he might have to say no again and again until they find something that will be in keeping and safe for our town, what it's residents want and most of all keep us as safe as we can be under these dire state and town circumstances. Please come to these meetings and see if you think your electives are working for you, add your voice to the issues presented. They are very educational and informative . Come this Thursday the 18 to the town hall and add your voice!

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