DMV advice needed

Posted by Dan on Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 9:02 AM

I have to go to the DMV to get a replacement title for one that was lost -- it can't be done online. I'm dreading this. When is the best time to go (for least time spent online). And is there a better place than Norwalk, even if it's further away? Help!


Carol Clark 7/25/16 @ 8:09am

I went to Norwalk dmv on Friday at 7:40 am and was home by 8:30. It probably would have been even faster if I got there just after opening (about 8am) as a crowd forms before they open their doors. I was impressed as to how quickly they processed everyone.

Diane Silfen 7/25/16 @ 7:46am

I have been told that Danbury is much better

Rebecca 7/25/16 @ 8:30am

Don't go near the beginning or end of the month - I go like to go on Thursday evening near closing time as they all want to go home and seem to move the fastest. Find out what time you need to be there before they close the doors to new customers. The DMV in Winstead CT is always empty but that is over an hours drive - so there is your two hour wait :)

Barbara Sherburne 7/25/16 @ 9:51am

I went to AAA in Hamden and was in and out very quickly. I will never go to DMV again.

Patrice Schramm 7/25/16 @ 1:08pm

Had to go there too just last week and dreaded it almost as much as going to the dentist. I went EARLY like 8:45. Easy breezy !

Suzanne Zarrilli 7/29/16 @ 4:49pm

Thursday just before closing time

Dan Woog 7/29/16 @ 6:35pm

i went this morning (last Friday of the month -- supposedly not good) at 7:20 a.m. Huge line. When the doors opened at 7:45, it moved quickly. I was given a ticket, and told to wait. At 8:05 my number was called. Unfortunately (of course) I did not have one form. I'll go back soon, again at 7:20.

Tom Broadbent 8/4/16 @ 12:10pm

It's a little farther but I prefer the service at Danbury. AAA in Milford offers a lot of DMV services but probably not dupe titles. All DMV locations have an estimated wait function, that might help, Google Norwalk DMV estimated wait.

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