I need YOUR help!!!

Posted by Brandon Malin on Monday, July 25, 2016 at 8:35 AM

Hello "06880" readers, I have a question for you. What is the most iconic, special, unique, or just "Westporty" spot in town? (Not Compo)


Dan Woog 7/25/16 @ 8:38am

Iconic: Minute Man statue (that's not Compo, right?). Special: Saugatuck River. Unique: Westport Country Playhouse. "Westporty": Staples High School.

Wally Meyer 7/25/16 @ 8:45am

The tidal gates at Old Mill.

Jerry MacDaid 7/25/16 @ 9:11am

What screams "Westport" more than the $10MM dog toilet - Winslow Park?

Brandon Malin 7/25/16 @ 9:35am

My original post was cut off, just wanted to let you know that these spots are for a video I will be making of Westport from the air. (yes I'm the drone guy) "06880" readers will be the first to see it when it comes out!

Ellen Ehli 7/25/16 @ 2:21pm

The Levitt Pavillion is about as "Westporty" as you can get. Plus great visuals of the river and downtown.

stephanie bass 7/25/16 @ 3:51pm

HARVARD REVIEW at local posh super market.....

Karla Roof 7/31/16 @ 7:47am

Bridge with beautiful flags

Jill 7/31/16 @ 1:28pm

I would say Oscar's but now it's closing ...:-(

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