Rupert Wates ~ Haunting Songs That Ring True

Posted by David Vita on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 at 6:09 PM

His music is an eclectic mix of acoustic, melodic art/folk, with flavors of jazz, vaudeville and cabaret.  Since coming to the US in 2006 he has won more than 40 songwriting and performing awards.

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Folk And Acoustic Music Exchange has called him "a prime figure in American music'' and goes on: "This is one gifted sonofabitch... If you're not hip to this guy yet you're missing out."

Audiences everywhere respond to Wates' brand of melodic art/folk—haunting songs that ring true.

Rupert Wates has released eight full-length CDs. Each has received outstandingly good reviews, and has been played regularly by radio stations in the USA, Canada, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Israel and Australia. In 2015-2016 alone, over twenty of his songs were recorded by other performers, and 2 tribute albums to his material have been recorded by independent artists in Nashville and Los Angeles.

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