Labradoodle Puppies in October!

Posted by David on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 at 5:19 PM

Labradoodle puppies coming 2nd week of October!

Put in a request if you are interested in one of these family friendly, adorable pups.  $2000 ea.  Email for first come, first served list!


Matt Bowen 8/8/18 @ 6:39am

God Help Us! I long for the W'port 60's when every kid had a give-a-way or $10 donation un-neutered mutt that roamed the neighborhood at will and we gave away the litter via a bicycle trip around the block

rosemary milligan 9/3/18 @ 5:50pm

they will be beautiful, friendly and a wonderful pet BUT there are so many puppies - or adult dogs that need homes - perhaps not pure breds but in need of homes and love.

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