Lose Weight Like a Guy

Posted by Linda Gottlieb on Monday, November 7, 2016 at 6:07 PM

 He drops weight overnight "just cutting out beer"- you gain just glancing at a doughnut.  

Why is it that the guys in your life drop pounds quickly?

If there's no way to beat them at the dieting game, women might as well join them.

Join veteran personal trainer and food & mood coach Linda Gottlieb and learn the 7 Guy Habits that can help you reach your weight management goals. Finally.

Westport Adult Education:



Laurie Goldberg 11/8/16 @ 6:51am

Your link has a typo, please edit it if you can.

Linda Gottlieb 11/8/16 @ 8:44am

Hi Laurie, so sorry, seems Dan adds his front end to the link so it doesn't link correctly. I'll remove it and add directions to the Adult Ed as I don't know how to fix the linking mechanism. thanks! L

Linda Gottlieb 11/8/16 @ 8:46am

OK can't seem to edit, so here's the phone number for the Westport Adult Ed office! Phone: (203) 341-1209

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