Memorial Day Parade; late 1940's or early 50's?

Posted by Dave Barton on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 10:46 AM


Was clearing out a drawer and came across these contact prints from an old Memorial Day parade. The photos show the parade turning from Taylor Place onto State Street.  I guess in those days the parade began at Rogers Field or maybe (I hope not) the old town dump.

The prints are 2 ¼ inch square,  just like the film stock from the old Rolleiflex camera my dad used for his work as an illustrator. So I originally assumed that he took these photos after we moved to Westport in April 1954. But I sent one to my older brother Artie, and he thinks that these photos are older, based on clothing styles (checkered shirts & skirts...very cool) and the fact that Gristedes was on State Street and not on Main Street. Also I don’t remember when Colgan’s Pharmacy became Thompson’s, and I don’t remember the Colonial Restaurant being where the Ship’s Lantern was, at all. I was only a baby in 1954 so I don’t remember much of anything.  Artie is probably a more reliable source here.

My dad sometimes exchanged photos with other illustrators for his clip files, so these photos may be taken by someone else prior to 1954. I’m hoping somebody with better vision than I can date the photos from the movie displayed on the Fine Arts Theater marquee.  

While I’m at it. Does anyone know when Compo Shopping center was built? My forsythia hedge is in dazzling bloom now and family legend has it that my folks took the plants from that property when it was being cleared for construction.

Dave Barton    

Staples class of '71

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Dan Woog 4/12/17 @ 12:34pm

Thanks, Dave - very cool. Gotta be the 1950s - check out the cars! Please email me ( -- we can chat about this offline. Much appreciated. -- Dan

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