Prevu has changed the home buying landscape in Connecticut

Posted by Matthew Chudoba on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 3:05 PM

Digital home buying platform serves as a friend in the early miles, expert in the last

There’s a new option that homebuyers in Fairfield County should be aware of, one that is bringing greater transparency, control and efficiency to the homebuying process while saving those in the market for a new home time and money.

Prevu, a customer-focused digital homebuying platform co-founded by Greenwich native, Chase Marsh, entered the Connecticut market earlier this year with the goal of modernizing the antiquated way homes are bought across Fairfield County.

“Our concept is simple,” Mr. Marsh said. “We are at a point in time where we can pretty much do everything online, yet when it came to purchasing a home, everything had to be done offline. We set out to change that.”

Founded in 2017, the New York-based real estate technology startup has spent the past two years perfecting—and simplifying—the digital homebuying experience.

Through its website, homebuyers can schedule a tour, make an offer, negotiate a purchase and close on a transaction. What’s more, the company’s expert agents are always available to answer any questions along the way while stepping in to provide more hands-on assistance during the complicated last leg of the process.

“We get that homebuying is stressful, but it shouldn’t have to be,” Marsh stated. “A majority of that stress is the result of pushy agents who rush their clients into making a decision that they don’t necessarily feel comfortable with.

“We, on the hand other, take a zero-pressure approach to homebuying. Our agents pride themselves on serving as friends in the early miles and experts in the last mile. Typically, home purchases are made during periods of happiness—be it receiving a promotion, getting married or starting a family—and we make it much easier for homebuyers to enjoy the process rather than stress over it.”

Prevu’s agents are fulltime salaried employees, which enables them to spend 100% of their time focused on customer-service rather than on lead generation. This approach is much different from traditional brokers, who work on commission and spend approximately 80 percent of their time chasing new business opportunities according to Marsh.

Prevu’s model enables the company to return two-thirds of its commission back to homebuyers via its Smart Buyer Rebate program. On average, Prevu clients receive rebates of $23,000. Marsh called the Smart Buyer Rebate a “game changer,” pointing to the median home price in Fairfield County, which, he noted, is much higher than the national average.

“We are helping homebuyers across Fairfield County increase their purchasing power, which, by nature, has some of the highest home prices in the country,” he said. “When buyers know they are going to save up to 2 percent of the purchase price after closing, it allows them to be more aggressive in their offer.”

Marsh noted the impact Prevu’s Smart Buyer rebates could return to the Connecticut economy.

“Think about it, if you use a traditional brokerage, you don’t receive any money back after closing,” he said. “With us, homebuyers receive an average rebate of $23,000. That is money you can spend to furnish part of your home, make improvements to it, or invest in something else.”


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